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Sign ups are open for NUS undergraduates until 24th March 2017!

For international students (of participating and host universities) please contact your respective universities for more information.

The Asian Undergraduate Summit (AUS) is a student-run international programme organised by the University Scholars Club (USC) of the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore (NUS) . The Summit aims to bring together undergraduates of diverse disciplines from all over Asia, and provide them with the opportunity to engage in meaningful academic, cultural and social exchange.

Through this Summit, participants can look forward to meeting and learning from other participants around the region, as well as experts in their respective fields. Participants will also gain the requisite knowledge, and learn relevant and transferable skills that will enable them to engage more critically with various issues.

The inaugural AUS held in 2015 exposed participants to the theme, “Leadership in a Complex World: The Food, Water and Energy Nexus”, which aimed to analyze resource security and sustainability issues using a nexus-based approach. Bringing together a total of 100 undergraduates from six countries - Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore - the Summit involved participants in a series of lectures and dialogues that were conducted by experts from both the public and private sectors.

Following the success of the AUS 2015 and AUS 2016 with the theme of “Leadership in a Complex World: Smart Cities, Smart Citizens” took place in June and July this year. 100 participants from 6 different universities converged to discuss and engage with the pertinent technological, institutional and social issues related to Smart Cities. Alongside a series of dialogues and site visits, the Design Thinking Framework was also introduced to participants. This culminated in the summit deliverable which involved capitalising on smart technology in various industries, with the aim of improving the wellbeing of the people.

AUS 2017, adopting the same format as its predecessors, consists of two segments: (i) the overseas leg, where Overseas Host Universities (OHUs) will host five days of the Summit; (ii) the Singapore leg, where all participants will meet in NUS for six days. AUS 2017 aims to expand in scale - other than maintaining strong partnerships with OHUs involved in the 1st and 2nd AUS, universities in other parts of Asia will be invited to come on board as Partner Universities (PUs). This brings together a group of undergraduates with greater diversity of perspectives, promising meaningful and engaging discussions on issues pertinent to Asia today.
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